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Jul 2, 2007
Well, I've done it again. Yep, I've gone nearly a month between posts, not because I don't have anything to post, but because I'm too lazy (and/or busy, take your pick) to type up the post I already have written. And since I already have a post written, this somehow prevents me from writing anything else. No, it doesn't make sense to me either.

But now I'm faced with a conundrum. Fellow Pagans, Witches, blasphemers and other Internet lurkers, I think I'm being stalked by Jehovah's Witnesses. She was at my door when I came home from work today! I find that a little excessive.

Unfortunately I am entirely too nice. I mean, I don't actually want to be horrible to her, she seems like a perfectly nice woman, I suppose it's not entirely her fault her faith requires proselytization. That and I really genuinely believe that the only good thing that can come of proselytization is some kind of interfaith dialogue, even if one side doesn't think their job requires any listening at all.

So what do I say to her (when she shows up again on Saturday like I told her, like a fool, would be okay for her to do) without being really horrible yet still getting across the impression that I'm not going to just sit there and listen to her talk about Jesus? I have a niggling desire to tell her that I feel a kinship with her as a member of another marginalized religion, but I'm not sure that's a good opening gambit...


Mai said...

Just tell her you're a 'disfellowshipped' (be sure to use that word) JW; she'll leave you alone - if she believes you.

Cathy said...

THe only thing that I know that's worked is when my friend's father, who's a rabbi, invited the Witness in and proceeded to read from the Torah in Hebrew.

Anna said...

My father's roommate in college also once glazed their eyes over by talking Eastern philosophy at them for an entire afternoon. Try the same, only with Uncle Aleistair?

Kay said...

I'm an ex-JW.

Tell her you were disfellowshipped for apostasy. That should scare her off.

If you prefer not to lie, just tell her you're a pagan and please don't come back. Don't accept a Watchtower or an Awake or a tract.

Willow Myrina said...

My boyfriend has a fab dialogue he uses for them but i can't remember it.. something about how they're going to hell and in his religion, their isn't a hell... not mean by he's converted one jehovas witness and got two others to leave without insulting them directly or being too bothered... I'll have to ask him again and post it here =]

I'd love to have one... invite them in for a cup of tea and tell them i'm pagan. And use the goddess in every answer to all their "but what if" and "but this happens"

I'd like it just once for the experience. =]
Good luck =]