A closing announcement

Sep 8, 2016
It’s been a long, slow time coming, but I think it is time at last: I’m closing down my blog. Or rather, I’m shifting my content around. When I started this blog in 2006, I wasn’t sure I wanted anyone else in my life to know I was Pagan. I wanted to connect with a community, but I didn’t know how or why or which communities or what I was doing. Now, ten years later, I’ve realized that keeping my life separated out like this is exhausting and counter-productive. I’m out as Pagan to most of my friends and family, so there’s no reason to try to isolate my identity any more. And I’ve become more and more interested in the ways every part of my life ties together, the way being asexual and neurodivergent impact my Paganism and my practice, the way my Pagan practice impacts the way I experience being asexual and neurodivergent, the influence my social communities have on the rest of my life. Having one blog for one thing and a separate blog for another just doesn’t make sense.

So I’m not going to stop blogging about Paganism, I’m just going to stop doing it here. For the time being I’ll continue writing on Livejournal, since it’s still the best social blogging platform I’ve ever dealt with, and I have a longstanding identity there. I’m trying to crosspost that to Tumblr as well, and I’m sure I’ll end up moving again as new communities pop up. (Imzy is looking promising, but it’s very early days there.) I’ll keep my professional identity separate, for now. The rest of the world isn’t quite up for all of my self. But if you’ve enjoyed this blog, I hope to see you over on LJ or Tumblr. I’m working on a new approach to my Paganism that I hope to be writing more about soon, and I think you’ll like it. The archives of this blog will stay here for as long as Blogger exists, which I hope is for quite a while. It was a good space for what I needed when I needed it, and I’ve liked it here.

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