Oh, wonderful timing.

Feb 8, 2008
I don't read through my Pagan blogroll as often as I would like, whereas I read my political blogroll every day. Apparently I like the intellectual rush that comes from reading someone saying something really stupid and then dissecting (usually very vocally, to my unsuspecting roommate) how stupid that just was. (I use NPR in the mornings for an adrenaline rush in much the same way.)

But today I got that from my Pagan blogroll too, as a series of links led me to an article that managed annoy me about watered-down mainstream 'spirituality' (It can be embarrassing sometimes, when you've got everything but what you really want you don't have.), anti-religion bullshit masquerading as atheism (Westerners tend to “revere" Eastern religions as a reaction to Western colonialism, and that some readers, “will be shocked to learn of the existence of Hindu and Buddhist murderers and sadists."), and completely gratuitous anti-feminism (Why is it that women, in overwhelming numbers, are now indulging in this silliness in a way that men are not?). So I had a very theraputic ranting diatribe at my roommate, then went back to reading my Pagan blogroll, only to discover that Dianne Sylvan had already said it, and with much more wit and economy, as usual:

My conclusion: there is nothing spiritual about an asshole.


Anonymous said...

More and more and more I believe that, if spiritual powers or a consciousness of all connected or some deity touches your life and changes it for the better, then what you shouldn't do and don't do is turn around and sell it.

Selling it and buying it is why your days were empty and your nights emptier in the first place.
It's not about money. Or the world made of money and thinking about money.

Jenavira said...

Tell me about it. I mean, I can understand wanting to share it, even though that often doesn't really work well it's a decent and understandable impulse, but turning it into this giant *thing...*

To be fair to the original writer, this giant thing might not be her fault or even her plan. But the way she's promoting it, it certainly seems that way.