Sep 2, 2007
Cosette really needs to stop posting my posts before I get a chance to. Last week she posted on Beliefs and Practices, cutting off at the knees a half-formed post I'd been thinking about on Doing versus Being, and today it's the joy of Autumn, which I too have been feeling rather ridiculously due to the freezing-cold air conditioning at work.

Like she says, even though Autumn is the winding-down part of the year, there is something about September that I find hugely inspiring in a much more new-beginnings-type way. I've always blamed it on all those years of going back to school (yes, I am one of those freakish kids who loved going back to school at the end of the summer). The Autumn bug hit me last week, just as the sun broke out after our week of truly ridiculous flooding and all the sudden the weather was amazing. (Alas, the rest of the universe does not love Samhain as much as I do and my craving for candy corn has yet gone unsated.)

It's always vaguely irritated me that no matter how many urban or modern Pagan books I read, I've never found an actually thought-out reinterpretation of the Wheel of the Year that does not assume that you're pulling in three crops every fall. (I tend to forget about Mabon for precisely this reason...) Surely there's a way to work in that September schoolgoing thing as well; it's something nearly everyone has nowadays, after all, and I for one feel you can never have too many New Beginning-type markers in your life.


Anonymous said...

Ah, well. Great minds think alike. Imagine all the damage we could do, hee hee hee.

Morninghawk Apollo said...

If you're looking for a book about the modern Pagan holidays that takes a different approach, you may want to check out Ronald Hutton's Stations of the Sun. He is a professor that researched many aspects of British Paganism. This book focuses on the various Pagan holidays, including the 8 sabbats and a number of other British holidays.

Many of his research findings will probably surprise you.

Jenavira said...

Oooh, more Hutton! I should just try to read everything he's written, I like him quite a lot. Thanks for the rec.