Merry Midsummer

Jun 21, 2006
A cheerful and fruitful Solstice to everyone -- The Wild Hunt has a bunch of links to interesting-looking articles on Midsummer celebrations. (And a happy Yule to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!)

The longest-day-of-the-year thing is really getting to me -- at my latitude, the same time frame lasts for over a week. I don't mind the light, but the tedium of waiting for potential employers and potential landlords to get back to me is making this Midsummer rub a little raw.

I'm also taking this holy day as an opportunity to reinvigorate my practice. As I mentioned yesterday, I started practicing Paganism almost eight years ago. When I started I was enraptured by the ceremonial aspect of it, all the tools and altar setups and ritual garb. I still love those things, but I haven't used them in several years. I learned all the ceremonial bits, you see, but since I was purely self-taught, I never did much with my own mental and spiritual development. I never really moved beyond some light meditation and the energy required for circle work. For the longest time I compensated with writing and reading, and I gave myself the excuse that school was getting in the way, but I don't have that excuse any more, and it's time to start again.

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